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I find it   easier to  retell the   dream  each our on the hour, as it is  8 am  aussie time I  press it  at this  time, send..
the theme of  tonight  was  stairs.  so it  is fortunate that I find myself on a level ground in some dreams .
but the problem with dreaming about someone I hardly know is that it is not  very  sefl referencial, in my perspective of open mind, remove the old personality . so that the old adam was so  disillusioned by the reality, that it would  create a manic, mental breakdown in my  sub-consciousness connections,
 so, just like a computer defragmentation, the  dream state I am in  has lost parts,   rebooted algorythms, and more focused than  last time.  .
so, here, 27 April, 2017. Get to bed adam, resounded through my  minds,
  I was  ready to  review the  day, and I  went into the  future straight away .
funny enough it is  always  Jessica's point of   view  that I see from now on,  stuck in the  mindset of the teaching mind,
while none of  the dreams that Jessy spoke of in the  younow  effected my dream, there were moments of, falling out of one  dream and into another that did seem like a  farewell.
or a train passage  farewell on the  stairwell,    in my mind, I was  tricking myself to make   rhymic  devices of  Jessicas's  adventures.
confidence  was that I fell down the  stairs to  find  Jessica,  so it I s my  part in the situation,  that males  tend to  dream about  falling a lot, girls always  dream of  men falling, its  raining men,
guys always  fall  into  bed,.  into  the car, fall into the car, .  
if I  say anymore, the  dream  will not  continue if I  reveal, each day, I  define a  different  element.  so if I  describe the  fuzzy bits, it  will confuse my mind   tonight  when I  dream .
conclusive,  re-entry, back into   wake up stage,

 in the  future  HOwee and Jessica Marie,  visited by  the spongo  in  future tense.
in the multitude of  dreams in  future  verbs, the trick is to  place it in present  day contexts, so,  items of  relevance are forthwith , different interpretations,
with  different time lines .  interwined after  a consecutive amount of  dreams
as I  return back and tell myself to  return back in my  dreams
 I have trained myself to  fall back into the present time so  when I wake up,
I always know I am on time.
the  future  dream  referencial .
 the  feeling thar it  was the  future  was  inclusive to the  feeling of  olds age,
classic  dream   territory .
I  saw  a developed and  confideant  Jessica /
many  childrens.
very much  in her  element
@jessymarieb3 @jessymarieb3
We start in the open  mind of the spongo ..
 he  very ,  tired for 20 hour sof  younow
 Jessica  pops up in the  view   list
 " Spongo  staes, " I must go  willei nillei to the  Jessie  stream, .
Clody  nights of   spongo and  Jessie
. as the clouds  felllow, and  the   smokitiy ,     gave  way to a  clear inside.


yes, I am  back on time  with it .
I  can diary  entry about my  younow  dreams  at last,  dream 3,  I  have  3  dreams a   night,  so  here goes, I was in the  dream   with  Jessica again, and it  was a  test of  witts.
wit.  challenge,  there  was an  obstacle  course and we had to  answer questions to get to the  next  hurdle . I realised I  would not   finish and  Jessica was lie,. oh   adam, you can do it, .,
I need  to  check the time when I  write these, it is  usualy,  4 pm, int he  arvo ( afternoon)  when I  write these American  time .
, I  tend  to  keep the  time  to  American time  when I  dream, so it  was actually, about  9 pm  at night in the  dream, takes me  so long to  write these,  it  was an  Alice in   wonderland  dream,  fell  down the   hole  again,  its  enough  said, it  gets weird . .
the  Jessy in Wonderland,  future past present time line
it  begins  back  to the  dailes now that it is   Anzac d ay,   here  we  go..  memorial  day,  war  veterans  day int he pacific
I am  back to it, the   Jessica   series  dream,  I am  back to it,  it seems I  was lost . but now  I  am  found.
at last l its  back on time  post Monday  Jessica  chat,  this  si  the  new  adam    time lien, squeee
yes Monday 24
well, ths is  fun, I got back on time, took a while, I  was,  inlego,  land all week,   for the   holidays
the sunday ending now
5 ro go, its  monday
well, I am  in the   time soon
on time  with sunday
time to get ot  the last 8
more time lining  to be  doing, having tought  about  where I am now, I must  progress
ok, I will get tot he  time and fix these, soon
see, still ont he  sunday,  I  will get on time soon