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kill ggrttgjk
dfg  hty  ubn
hor  anm  u   evehbn   fdiugb  thuf
yeh its  kit it s  bawe
jnow  wi6th  8  ledt,  80  days, I  will be on time
whole  100  to go
who  would  have thought I wouled  be on  day  215, proper in 11 dayw
vack  toi ir  ,  
it  seems  logical , but it  is  marvellosu
o rtealieds  I might  have   doegotten
wow 1666, that is  the  goal  tofday
for the   dist time  I  id  a  time lien that makes sence
it is  one  week over,  it is  on e week  done,
I finally  realsiede how  I  was on  day  6,   tomorrow is  Friday  day 7
ok, 2 more to go, I  don't  even think  I  will even  get ot the  160  to go,  will I  make it
lol,  I  have  made it, I  am  finally  at one  wit the  time line
lol,  do  some  know how I  even  am o opn  time
I don't  even  know  what is   going on  here,  anymore,  how   did  I  get on time
I made it on time after all this  time,  at last,
a1641  is the  time line  of,  lets see,